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“Quintanilla’s performance shows great dexterity and care, avoiding the trap of an empty stereotype, grounding the piece in real, human depth.”

“It’s a tall order to reference and draw from that kind of iconic best-friendship without leaving the audience out in the cold. Teressa LaGamba (Sam) and Robert Quintanilla (Leo) have the chemistry, skill and the comedic chops to pull it off.”

-New City Stage, Erin Shea Brady

“Robert Quintanilla is remarkable as Karl, one of the characters from Edward’s whimsical tales. A gentle behemoth with a delicate cultural palette and thirst for learning, Mr. Quintanilla’s performance is reminiscent of Andre the Giant’s turn in The Princess Bride. His work is just as endearing as the former wrestler’s in that film, however, accompanied by stronger diction.”

-The Broadway Blog, Becky Sarwate

“Quintanilla, for example, makes a wonderful Karl in both his cave-dweller and scholar modes (and I don’t know if he had ever used stilts before this, but his movements in them are wonderfully natural).”

-Chicago on Stage, Karen Topham

"Robert Quintanilla’s nerdy Ed blossoms when he becomes a demon and proves, as in past shows like “Yank!,” that he’s a musical theatre actor to be taken seriously."
- Chicago Theatre Review, Colin Dougles


“The familiar opening song, “Try to Remember,” sung by Robert Quintanilla as El Gallo is superb. His smoldering presence, graceful manor and smooth singing and speaking voice captivates throughout the production.”

- Chicagoland Musical Theatre, Betsy Wolfe

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